Product stage: Prototype

Investment Goal35 Millions de FCFA

% Share in exchange: 10%

We are selling 1000 coupons at 35 000 000 FCFA for 10% of share in exchange:

  • Cost of 1 coupon = 35,000 FCFA
  • Value of 1 coupon = 0.01% of share

Executive Summary


Kwatahelp is a project that started in April 2016.
We want to help solve the problem of the lack of information concerning the small businesses that we often and regularly need in our African neighborhoods and cities: shoemakers, tailors, housewives, babysitters, hairdressers, welders, mechanics, etc. .


Contact Information

Company Basics

  • Company name: KWATAHELP SAS
  • Company type: SAS (Société par Actions simplifiées | Simplified joint stock company)
  • Creation date: March 2017
  • Number of shareholders: 15
  • Product & service stage: Prototype
  • Do your company's products or services address a social and/or environmental problem: Yes
  • Does the management team have previous experience addressing these social and/or environmental problems: Yes
  • Do women own (>50%) or manage the company? No

Market Opportunity

What is the customer problem the product is solving: It aims to provide neighborhood populations with information about informal sector operators.

Size of the potential market of customers: 3.5 million people have internet access in Cameroon and 280 million in Africa

List of current or potential customers: Neighborhood populations and informal sector operators based in Cameroon.

What is your solution: An App, that connects neighborhood populations with informal sector operators.

What is your Business Model: It is based on the name of the application, the Kwat, which in Cameroonian jargon means neighborhood. Thus the inhabitants and the service providers register free of charge in their neighborhood of residence or exercise of their activities. The access to the contacts, the possibility of making payments are free in the same district ... However, the access to anything outside the registration area is subject to prior payment of a very modest annual subscription. There is also the possibility of having a VIP subscription for personalized support.

List your competitors:,,

Describe your competitive advantage and barriers to entry: Provided database, pricing, varied economic model, originality of the project

When do you reach the Breakeven pointAt the end of the 2nd year (after successfully raised the capital sought).

Describe your exit strategy: The Exit Strategy for an investor is in the third year as part of the expansion to Africa, during the new fund-raising.



Financial Projections

Year 1

  • Revenue: 62 Millions FCFA
  • Expenditures: 58.22 Millions FCFA
  • Net: 3.63 Millions FCFA

Year 2

  • Revenue: 112.9 Millions FCFA
  • Expenditures: 78.6 Millions FCFA
  • Net: 34.3 Millions FCFA

Year 3

  • Revenue: 137 Millions FCFA
  • Expenditures: 86 Millions FCFA
  • Net: 51 Millions FCFA


Financial Data

  • Amount of capital seeking: 35 000 000 FCFA (53 435 EUR)
  • Previous capital raised: 1 770 000 FCFA (2 702 EUR)
  • Monthly burn rate: 200 000 FCFA/month (currently) | 4 000 000 FCFA/month (Year 1)
  • Current year revenue:


Hello, I am Olivier ÉPÉE, 41 years old. I am married and live in Bonabéri, Douala, where are also based the offices of my company Kwatahelp Sas, of which I am the founder with 85% of the shares.

Currently Manager at the Agency for the Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises ( APPME ), I take care of the support of project leaders, SMEs.

Previously, I was Country Manager at MyMoneyMobile Cameroun, where I was in charge of developing the activity of the technological startup specialized in electronic payments. I managed a team of 10 people and in 04 months we quintupled our customer base.

Before that, I was Administrative Manager / Secretary General in theAlpicam Group, consisting of 03 companies for more than 1'500 employees.
I was part of executive committee ofAlpicam Group during 3 years . I spent a total of 07 years in the Alpicam group which recruited me in Italy within its parent organization, ALPI Spa .

Phone: + 237 694 25 86 57


  • Management Team
    • Olivier ÉPÉE, CEO | 85%
    • Christian Dima Ndongo, Chief Technical Officer | 8%
    • Mohamed Mokhtar Mbouombouo Nchare, Project Leader | 5%
    • Dimitry Ngay, Senior Developer
    • Cédric Ngouh Youmfe, Administrative and Accounting Manager
  • Supporting Team and consultants
    • AITE Consulting
    • Nicky Oloa Bidjo
    • Aurelien Nkumbe
    • Idrissou Ngouen
    • Guy Fongue
    • Yannick Nsang
    • Stephane Ebode
    • Herve Kampoer
    • Jacky Eboua Indoune
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Crowdlending Campaign

Investment Goal: 35 Millions de FCFA

% Share in exchange: 10%

We are selling 1000 coupons at 35 000 000 FCFA for 10% of share in exchange:

  • Cost of 1 coupon = 35,000 FCFA
  • Value of 1 coupon = 0.01% of share

Why support us and invest in our company ?


The goal of this campaign is to create high visibility, generate interest in the concept and generate qualified traffic on the platform.
The capital raised will cover investments related to the development and marketing campaign for the launch of the product (finalization of the prototype, visibility, animation and loyalty, technical and human resources ...).
It will also be used to finance the online campaign of the new platform.

The company is in constant growth since its creation in March 2017.
Kwatahelp SAS is in the process of finalizing the version number 3 of its Kwatahelp application presenting new modules with payment solutions.

It has a strong reputation on social networks with the Facebook page at more than 10'000 followers.

In its first version, it had managed to glean 4'000 informal operators registered in the database, and more than 500 downloads of the application V1.

It is important to note the financial and time implication of the 15 shareholders who have already made capital increases in August 2017 of an additional 1'770'000 FCFA.

Next Steps...

If you are convinced, do not hesitate to become a LION, by investing and purchasing coupons (1 coupon = 35 000 FCFA) of the company Kwatahelp SAS.

Contact us at and we will arrange an appointment between the promoter, Olivier EPEE, a notary and you.

You do not live in Cameroon? No problem !

You can sign a mandate (we can send you a template) and give instructions to our notary, then participate remotely to the signing of the contract with your investment deposit. The notary will contact you and explain you everything, even via WhatsApp.

Why are you still waiting ? 

Contact us at and we will arrange an appointment between the promoter, Olivier EPEE, a notary and you.