Product stage: Prototype

Investment Goal10 000 000 FCFA
~ ( 17 630 USD | 15 267 EUR )


% Share in exchange: 5%

We are selling 1000 coupons at 10 000 FCFA for 5% of share in exchange:

  • Cost of 1 coupon = 1,000 FCFA
  • Value of 1 coupon = 0.005% of share

Executive Summary


Maibeta is an on-demand platform that connects users to professional technicians, artisans and service providers and makes it easy and convenient for persons to hire services while also making it easy for providers to offer their services. is the platform used for this purpose but additionally we provide access to services through WhatsApp, Facebook and a dedicated phone number to make it easy for people to reach the service and hire technicians effortlessly.


Contact Information

  • CEO/Co-founder: Bamai Namata
  • Linkedin
  • Country: Cameroon
  • Address: 1st Floor, Fondation Nki Building, Bonduma Buea
  • City: Bonduma Buea
  • Industry: IT Technology

Company Basics

  • Company name: MAIBETA INC
  • Company type: Private Limited Liability Company
  • Creation date: November 2015
  • Number of shareholders: 3
  • Product & service stage: Growth Stage and Generating Revenue
logo maibeta
  • Do your company's products or services address a social and/or environmental problem: Yes
  • Does the management team have previous experience addressing these social and/or environmental problems: Yes
  • Do women own (>50%) or manage the company? Yes

Market Opportunity

What is the customer problem the product is solving: Maibeta was founded with the aim of connecting the supply and demand sides of technical and professional services. Like myself, many homeowners and facility managers suffer considerable difficulty getting access to professional technicians and services while on the other side trained technicians do not have access to market their services even with high demand and remain unemployed.

Size of the potential market of customers: 539 Million USD

List of current or potential customers: Maibeta serves many individuals and also organizations in and out of Cameroon, some notable institutions Maibeta serves in Cameroon include GIZ, CamCCUL, MINEPDED, Express Union, SOWEDA, BICEC, EMI Money amongst many others.

What is your solution: Maibeta offers an easy and intuitive method to recruit the best professionals for home, office technical service needs. From their couches or offices, all they need is a mobile phone and internet connection and even without walking around to search they have access to a curated list of technicians.

What is your Business Model: Maibeta generates revenue from a commission on the service fee that technicians who get jobs through the platform are paid for their services. Maibeta also charges some of the institutions it works with a service fee for direct service provision in the case of major jobs conducted by the company. Maibeta invests in technician skill development for its professionals and assures that customer satisfaction is its main priority.

List your competitors: Maibeta is the first in its market space with a technology platform and its unique business model. Our competitors include the technicians who Maibeta works with who become partners of the company as well as global competitors like Task rabbit, Home Advisor and Home stars.

Describe your competitive advantage and barriers to entry: Maibeta differentiates itself from its competitors by impeccable customer service, quality of professionals on the platform and robust technology/algorithms.

When do you reach the Breakeven point: The company will reach breakeven point in its year 5 when all costs and investments will be at par with or surpassed by revenue.

Describe your exit strategy: Shareholders in the company will exit by selling their shares
back to the company (share buyback), selling the company to interested entities or when the
business is built enough it can be listed on a stock exchange and shares sold to the public.



Financial Projections

Year 1

  • Revenue:  55,350,000 FCFA
  • Expenditures:  32,200,500 FCFA
  • Net:  23,149,500 FCFA

Year 2

  • Revenue:  81,468,000 FCFA
  • Expenditures:  49,786,350 FCFA
  • Net:  31,681,650 FCFA

Year 3

  • Revenue:  155,455,000 FCFA
  • Expenditures:  94,364,000 FCFA
  • Net:  61,091,000 FCFA


Financial Data

logo maibeta 2
  • Amount of capital seeking: 10 000 000 FCFA ( 17 630 USD | 15 267 EUR )
  • Previous capital raised:  25 200 000 FCFA ( 45 000 USD | 38 473 EUR )
  • Monthly burn rate1 300 000 FCFA ( 2 313 USD| 1 985 EUR )
  • Current year revenue16 500 000 FCFA


Bamai Namata is the only Cameroonian to make this year’s Forbes Africa 30 Under 30 List !*

*Year 2018

I am a strategic thinker, visionary and passionate entrepreneur. I hold a BSc. In Journalism and Mass Communication and started my career working for an international development programme which built my capacity in planning and executing projects and increased my leadership skills.

I registered Maibeta Inc. while still working for this programme as my passion was always solving problems through a business.

I worked a full time job while also managing my business from 2015 to January 2017 when I quit my high paying job to concentrate on Maibeta full time and grow the business into its full potential.
I am very much interested in business and solving problems and keeping my customers happy.

My hobbies include swimming, social networking, reading, writing and travelling.

Major awards and prizes the company has won, and/or accelerator/incubator programmes participated in

  • Forbes Africa under 30
  • Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme
  • Faster Capital UAE Accelerator Programme
  • Most influential young Cameroonian in business 2017
  • Entrepreneur to watch out for 2017 by Cameroon News Agency

Phone: +237 678352269


  • Management Team
    • Bamai Namata, CEO | 70%
    • Betanga Rose Nkeh, COO | 17.5%
    • Karim Engeh | 12.5%

Crowdlending Campaign

Investment Goal10 000 000 FCFA
~ ( 17 630 USD | 15 267 EUR )

% Share in exchange: 5%

We are selling 1000 coupons at 10 000 FCFA for 5% of share in exchange:

  • Cost of 1 coupon = 10,000 FCFA
  • Value of 1 coupon = 0.005% of share

Why support us and invest in our company ?


Maibeta is a business that has already gone through the prototyping and testing stages and is now in growth mode.
Our sales are constantly growing since 2015 and we have succeeded to triple our revenue since then.

I think my business will make a great investment for the investors because we are building a disruptive new service which will help to improve the lifestyle of Cameroonians, solve a vital problem and also have the capacity to grow exponentially beyond our national borders and generate considerable revenue.

Next Steps...

If you are convinced, do not hesitate to become a LION, by investing and purchasing coupons (1 coupon = 1 000 FCFA) of the company MAIBETA INC.

Contact us at and we will arrange an appointment between the promoter, Bamai Namata, a notary and you.

You do not live in Cameroon? No problem !

You can sign a mandate (we can send you a template) and give instructions to our notary, then participate remotely to the signing of the contract with your investment deposit. The notary will contact you and explain you everything, even via WhatsApp.

Why are you still waiting ? 

Contact us at and we will arrange an appointment between the promoter, MAIBETA INC, a notary and you.